Trail Maintenance - Black Bear Cycling are Stewards of Wawaywanda SP

Location: Wawayanda State Park
Project: Trail Build
Leader: Bill - RSVP
Date: Sunday 11/20/2022
Time: 9:30 AM
Meet: Cherry Ridge Road near Cabin "trail" - Map.pdf - zoom 400x
Details: New Trail Build - Prune, pick up sticks, rake
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If interested, RSVP.

Just a quick note regarding Trail Maintenance at Wawayanda State Park in 2015-2019, we performed a total of 1,000+ volunteer hours at the park. These hours will be used toward various grants both the Park and JORBA have which require the organization that receives the grant money to match a dollar figure based on volunteer hours.

The park has various grants which may or may not benefit some of the trails used but go toward infrastructure and improvements to the park for all users.

JORBA uses the grant money to supply their chapters such as ours at the park with tools and equipment to perform the work.

I would like to thank everyone for their time and look forward to another great year this year supporting the Park and our events.

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